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Places to visit near Surat

There are many tourist attraction Nearby Surat city including Hill station, seashore, temple, waterfalls, forest and much more. Here compiled the list of places to visit near Surat for relaxing and escape from hustle and bustle of City Life.

Lake+Saputara hill station+boating+Gujarat tourism
Saputara is the famous Hill station of Gujarat situated in Dang forest rang around 160 KMs from Surat. Saputara is famous for its pleasant climate, scenic lake, panoramic nature view, dense forest road and
Roap way in Saputara sunset point
relaxing place. It is somewhere well planned Hill station where good hotel, other amenities and services available. It is developed as vacation spot or we can say picnic spot for public. It is a place to enjoy bliss of natural
Waterfall Gira waghai on the way saputara
beauty and exotic greenery. People are visiting Saputara throughout round the year, however, must visit during Monsoon. There are many  points and
Janki garden near vasda
view in Saputara such as sunset point, sunrise point, spot activities, boating, ropway, horse riding, tracking, paragliding, zip line. Saputara great leaf tea, poha and Maggie are favourite food among visitors. One of the attractions near Saputara is Gira waterfall near Vaghai. There are plenty of places to Visit in dang district. On the way to Saputara, there are many destinations i.e. Janki Van, Gujarat Ecotourism site, padamdungri, botanical garden for nature lover and for refreshment trip.

Glimpse of Dang, Gujarat

Garden in Silvassa greenery lake boating
Silvassa is also one of the best place to visit near Surat. There are many resorts and hotel option available in and nearby area in Silvassa. The place is far away from Surat
Lake paddle boating
around 132 KMs towards Mumbai Highway. Silvassa situated in the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is a beautiful gateway for relaxing and chilling. Silvassa has scenic sightseeing places. Dudhani is
Butterfly park khanvel silvassa
one of the most panoramic and charming spots located around 40 Kms from Silvassa. Dudhani has beautiful lake and garden surrounding by forest and
Dudhni panoramic view
mountain. we can enjoy boating and other spot activities theirs in lake. A beautiful garden on the other part of lake is also an attractive place to visit. Silvassa has also garden
Dudhani boating lake sikara type
namely Vanganga Garden. One can explore the surrounding and can discover the attractive location. Garden has also a beautiful lake where paddle boating facilities are also available. Other attraction spots near Silvassa are Madhuvan
Dam Silvassa madhuvan dam
Dam, Khanvel, Daman, Deer Safari etc. Hotel option are good in Silvassa.

Dahanu is located at the coastal area around 182 KMs away from Surat city on the way to
Dahanu bordi

Dahanu bordi Maharashtra Beach
Mumbai. It offers coastline view surrounding by coconut and Chikoo tree. Good Hotel options are available near the beach. Bordi is a perfect gateway for weekend & weekday both. it is easily accessible through rail and road both. the famous Mahalaxmi Temple is also in Bordi where visit many pilgrimages daily. Lush greenery overlooking seaside made this place a perfect destination for the weekend from Surat.

Dharampur is located 120 KMs from Surat surrounded by dense forest. It is a perfect destination for forest lovers. Though there is no hotel arrangement in Dharampur forest area. But it is a perfect destination who love to travel natural place. One can plan
Wilson hill dharampur

Sankar waterfall Dharampur Wilson hill
one day trip from Surat. Willson hill is one of the famous Hill stations near Dharampur. It offers a panoramic view from the top. Monsoon is the best time to visit as

Bhavbhaveshwar temple, Barumal
Jodia waterfall Dharampur
natural is at their best in the rainy season. Foggy climate, bliss of cool air and River in foothill of shayadri mountain range. Gujarat Government is planning to develop the place to attract the public all over the state. Barumala Shiv Temple is also one of the famous places for Lord Shiva Devotees. Moreover, many seasonal waterfalls are increased nature beauty of Dharampur. few of seasonal waterfall are Twins fall, Sankar waterfall, Bilpudi waterfall and another unexplored water fall in the nearby forest area.



Jawhar Maharashtra

Hanuman point jawhar
One of the destinations for pleasant weekend is Jawhar, Maharashtra. Jawhar has scenic beauty and pleasant climate. This beautiful gateway is 220 KMs far from Surat. Dabhosha waterfall is one of the attractions near Jawhar.

Jawhar is also paradise for tracking and other activities in forest mountain. apart from Dabhosha, there are many seasonal waterfall are falling nearby Jawhar forest area. Jawhar is known for a picturesque view from the hills, fort and waterfall. Hanuman point and sunset point are main attraction on Hill station for panoramic view of nature. Other destinations near town are Trimbakeshwar Jyotilinga Temple, Igatpuri, Bhandadra etc.

Mahal & Bheshkatri
Mahalkot dang
Mahalkot is located in dang forest on ahwa -songadh road having distance of 112 KMs from Surat. A small village located on bank of purna river. Gujrat tourism department has
Dam bheshkatri
developed eco tourism campsite at Mahal. The campsite has AC cottage, tree house, tent facilities, small canteen, machaan, gazebo etc. Mahal is surrounded by bamboo trees
Mahal eco campsite
under purna wildlife century. Zipline on river and many other adventure activities are placed in the campsite. A seasonal waterfall situated near the Mahal which is also good destination for hang out. Food and hotel option are not available since campsite is situated in the dense forest. Better arrange food from the outside forest.

Dam Bhrshkatri
Bheshkatri is situated on the Vyara ahwa road in Dang district. Temple of Mayadevi is theirs in Bheshkatri. People enjoy the scenic view of the river backside of the temple. It is also located near purna river. Real temple of the Mayadevi situated in the cave, another side of the river. The small check dam on the river, greenery and sound of river water make pleasant view.

Girmal fall and sabridham
Girmal dang
Girmal waterfall is height of 100 feet. It is situated in the dense forest of dang. Girmal is on the way to Subir- songadh road. One of the ideal place for one day picnic from Surat to escape noisy life. Girmal is 143 KMs far away from Surat. Again food choices not available at fall. Better arrange from home or outside forest. This place is best suitable for nature lover. Before few KMs from waterfall, the river takes completely you turn where forest department has made viewpoint on Hill road to enjoy the panoramic view of the river and mountain range. The appearance of waterfall is at its best during rainy season.

Sabridham, Dang

Pampa sarovar, dang
Sabridham is located at 15 KMs distance from Girmal waterfall. Shabridham is connected with the Ramayana. The myth said Lord Rama came here in Subir where Maa Shabri had offered berries after testing each to ensure the sweetness. Sabridham has a temple in which three stone lying. It is said that Lord Rama, Laxman and Maa Shabri were sat on the stone and Rama enjoyed the berries. That stone is still worshipped in the temple. The temple is situated on Hill. Pampasarovar which is linked with Rama bath, situated at 6 KMs distance from Subir. There is small two hotel option available in nearby Area. Pampasarovar is also one of the best locations in Dang.

Don Hill
Road to Don dang

Don hill attraction

Road Don hill station
Don hill is newly explored destination in dang. This Hill station is situated in the dense forest and 173 KMs far away from Surat city. Don offers pleasant climate, eye-catching view of Sahyadri mountain range peak. Gujarat govt is developing the place to attract more and more tourist. The route of the hill is through Ahwa vasda road. Accommodation and good restaurant option are not available at Don. But it is a perfect gateway picnic from Surat for nature beauty enthusiastic.

Tithal valsad beach

Tithal beach valsad
Tithal beach is situated at Valsad, 96 KMs away from Surat. The beach is black sand beach, popular tourist place in Valsad. Tourism department is also promoting and developing the Beach. it also has several snack and refreshment shop at beachside to chill on seashore. it is also a good tourist destination from Surat for one day picnic and outing.

Dandi gandhiji

Dandi beach near Navsari
Dandi is famous for Dandi March or Salt March headed by Mahatma Gandhiji. They have started Dandi Styagarh from Dandi to protect against Salt law of Britishers. Dandi beach is also one of the good destinations for one day picnic. wind and sea waves at Dandi can cheer the once mood. Dandi beach is also under development.  Dandi is 50 KMs away from Surat and 22 KMs from Navsari.

Statue of Unity

Recently Government of Gujarat has launched Statue of Unity near Sardar Sarovar Dam dedicated to Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Till date, it is the world's tallest statue having height of around 182 meters. it is around 160 KMs far away from Surat. The statue has gallery at the height of 152 meters to view surrounding area of the dam. Iron Man, Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate's Museum and the valley of Flower are other attraction nearby developed. more above statue checkout following link.  


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