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Life Lesson Covid 19 Has Taught Us

Corona virus has created a trouble globally. No one has thought life will phase such type of pandemic. We are experiencing the worst effect of pandemic. The Globe is going through a challenging phase. Hope these worst situation will be conquer and life became normal.   Covid Pandemic has reveal and taught us some important lessons. Wealth can’t buy health. No matter how rich and popular you are you can’t buy good health. It is also true Health is only Wealth. Small Event can have massive impact Outbreak of disease in city of China impact & hit globally and put up the great example of Butterfly Effect. Real Heroes are Doctor, Police, Health Workers, Nurses, Social workers etc. All have hidden ability. It will be cooking, drawing, painting, singing, video making, acting and thousands of more. Life is unpredictable We don’t know what will happen. We never thought Pandemic will hit Earth. Never though we have to sit at home for months. Never thought National shutdown

9 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the name who transformed Automobile sector by introducing electrical vehicle and made revolutionary innovation for space. He is a no. 1 CEO in Global known for making scientific fiction true in real life through wild idea executed through bold decision.  Everyone knows Tesla and Space X are the famous brand of Elon Musk. Today we checkout some of the unknown facts about world richest person.   Tesla a well-known name in electric vehicle segment featuring Autodrive. Elon has almost sold Tesla to Google in 2013. At the time the future of tesla was darken so Elon approached the Google CEO Larry Page for takeover of the firm. The deal was cancelled at last hour when Tesla S model car sale was pick up substantial. Today Tesla company valuation is more than $700 billion. You are surprised to know that Musk has created videogame when he was 12 year old and sold the first product. He received $5000 for the same. Elon Musk and his roommate rented the house and convert it into

Salute To Corona Heroes Who Sacrificed Significant to Help

Second wave of Covid in India has disturbed the country and created panic, worry among people. Various states are struggling to manage the health crisis.  Shortage of oxygen and beds in Hospital making situation worst. India is facing a trouble to cop up this critical situation. People making efforts to meet up health challenges. Some Common People are doing noble work in their capacity to serve the country by sacrificing the things. A teacher and her husband in Mumbai helping the Corona patients by providing Oxygen Cylinder. They make substantial sacrifice to help the Covid patients. The couple sold their jewelry to buy Oxygen cylinders for Covid patients. Salute to the Covid Heroes. The Man in Mumbai sold his 22 Lacs SUV to buy Oxygen Cylinder for Covid patients. He sell his ford endeavor and bought 160 Oxygen Cylinder for needy people. Covid warrior Lady in Lucknow working on frontline by escorting unattained dead bodies in her own ambulance to their respective place. He lif

Complete Guide on Tyre Code Meaning

Have you wonder about the meaning of the letter and number mentioned on your car’s tyres side. Let’s check. The Side of tyres have Brand name and model name. Apart from this it also have mysterious code of letter and numbers. This code represent all the information related to tyre specification. Most of the tyre has something similar code random For example, P205/65 R16 95V The first letter of the code indicate that this tyre is made for particular type of vehicle. In above case P stand for Passenger vehicle. Some of other example of first letter i.e. T stand for Truck, LT means Light Truck Vehicle, C stand for Commercial etc. The three digits before the slash indicate the tyre width in millimetre. All tyre of the Car must have the same tye width. Two numbers after the slash denotes the aspect ratio expressed in percentage. It compare the tyre height with tyre width. If you have to change one tyre then ensure the aspect ratio will be same as other tyre. For example if two num

Unknown Fact About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one the great Author, Poets, Playwright and writer. He was one of the greatest writer of English language. His Birth Anniversary celebrated on April 23 which is also believe to be the date he died in 1616. Shakespeare is one of the greatest and largest contributors to English Classic literature. He wrote world famous stories like Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, A Midsummer Night Dreamz etc. He has written around 39 plays, 154 sonnets and two poems. Here are some of the unknown fact about William Shakespeare.   ·          He introduced around 3000 worlds to the English Language. ·          It is also said that he didn’t attend the University and today all over the world his work is analised by literature enthusiast. ·          It is still unknown that how his name written and pronounce. Spell of his name was pronounce more than 80 different ways. ·          The Longest Word he has used is honorificabilitudinitatibus which is a Latin word.   ·     

Amazing About World Book Day April 23

  World Book Day is promoted by The United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization (UNESCO) for worldwide celebration of the day to promote Reading and Books. The World Book Day is celebrated on 23 rd April of each year. This day is also known as World Book and Copyright Day. This day also tribute to the Shakespeare, Miguel and other Author died on this day. The purpose of the day is to tribute Authors and Books worldwide and encourage the people to discover the reading pleasure of books. Every year UNESCO along with International Publisher Association and International Federation of Library Associations and Institution (IFLA) grants a tittle of World Book Capital to any one selected City. The City bagged the tittle for one year from 23 rd April. During the year it undertakes many large events to promote books and reading. Books are the Best Friends of the human. Reading a Books daily reduce the stress level. Regular reading also increase the knowledge level. It als

Solar Panel That Not Need Sun Light To Produce Electricity

  Renewable Solar Energy is sustainable solution for electricity production. Everyone knows Solar Energy generated while the Sun Light heated on Solar Panel. But wonder what when sun light is not available i.e. during night, cloudy weather and monsoon season. Than Solar Energy Production disrupts.   Technology at its edge, now guess there is a new type of Solar Panel that doesn’t need sun light to produce electricity. Yes it is developed. The advantage over ordinary solar panel is that it is worked even in cloudy and monsoon weather. This high-tech solar penal will use invincible UV rays of sunlight to produce electricity. This panel will be also used in window and walls of the big building. It turns the building into giant living battery and captive the electricity requirement of entire building. It also use chemical from fruit and wasted vegetable to capture UV light and convert it into energy. The developer also said that it will be also used in clothes and can enable to charge

What if Sahara Desert turns into Giant Solar Farm

Sahara Desert is one of the largest desert of the world. Total area of the Sahara Desert is 9.2 million sq. kilometer. It is the slightly smaller than the area of China, bigger than Brazil and smaller than US. Have you wonder what if world’s largest Desert would be became biggest renewable source of energy. If Sahara Desert will cover with Solar panel it will harvest the solar energy which fulfill the whole world energy requirements. Solar panel can give sustainable solution to energy issues.  But it is difficult to implement the solar power plant in Sahara Desert. There are many installation, operational and maintenance issues to build giant solar farm. The main difficulty is how to conquer the Sandstorm in Desert. Solar Panel absorbs sun heat and produce electricity. Now imagine, the heat generated from giant solar farm plus temperature of desert will make climate very hot and impact the numbers of world climate by raising high temperature. It also causes the Global Warming. It may

Dark Secret of Electric Vehicles

It is not denied that the shifting of Diesel or Petrol vehicle to Electric Vehicle is not worth. Major car manufacturers have added electric vehicles in their vehicle list. Transformation to Electric vehicle definitely reduced the emission. But that doesn't mean Electric car are 100% green and Eco friendly. Most people believe that electric vehicle are best example of clean and green energy but they are wrong. Let see the dark side of the aspect.  Lithium Battery are used to run the electric vehicle and to store the electricity that have high environmental cost. These batteries are made from rare earth components i.e. Lithium, nickle, graphite etc. Lithium is the main source of material for manufacturing of electric battery. The lithium mining process used a lot of water i.e. almost 2000000 litters of water per metric ton of lithium. Release of these pollute water and leak of toxic have further environmental issue. Moreover, apart from polluting water lithium mining also affects ai

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Salute to the Team fighting against Corona

Corona became global pandemic and every country of the world is affected due to Coronavirus. Many Countries announced toughed Lockdown to avoid spreading of Coronavirus. Daily infected patient and the death toll is increasing. Government taking aggressive action to control the Corona spreading. World saluting the Doctors, Nurse, health & social workers despite the crisis and risk of their own life. Let's check a few of salute and appreciation to Corona warrior.    #1 CRPF soldiers have donated their one day salary to PM relief fund for the cure of Corona. Really salute to our Soldiers.  Image credit:  Pratik #2 The salute to all heroic role of doctors, nurses who fighting with Corona. Image credit:  moonagondal786 #3 One of the Corporate has shared and salute the heroes on National Doctors Day. Image credit:  RRHIPL #4 Salute to the Police, doctors and health workers who are continues fighting against Covid 19. Image credit:  kureel_

Waterfalls near Surat visit during Monsoon!

Monsoon brings the greenery by adding more beauty to nature. Monsoon is the perfect time for nature lovers to visit the waterfall. There are many waterfalls in forest area near the Surat where one can escape from the hurtle and bustle of everyday hectic life and spent time with nature to relax and refresh.  Gira Waterfall Gira Waterfalls is situated 113 KMs away from Surat city around 2 hrs drive. The fall has around 70 feet height falling in Ambica River. The fall is located 3 KMs away from Waghai, Dang. This waterfall is considered as most visited waterfall near Surat since it is located on Vansada Saputara Road. Best time to visit the waterfall is monsoon season. Swimming in waterfall is not safe, so its advise to enjoy view only. The fall is little crowded during the holidays in monsoon. Girmal Waterfall Girmal Waterfall is located near Girmal in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, 144 KMs away from Surat. Waterfall is surrounded by dense forest which look so picturesque

People came with Solution to Protect from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading day by day globally. WHO also declare the Corona a pandemic and global emergency. there are lacs of people around the world infected with the Corona and thousands of people were died due to illness. E|veryone is lockdown at home to avoid the infection of the virus. Many people became creative and discovered the way to protect themselves from Corona. #1 Lady in Thailand wore scrub as a facemask to protect against Coronavirus Image credit:  thaimythbuster   #2 The Man made a mask from various type of Plastic and elastic. really great idea. Image credit:  Gary_BBGames #3 Lady wears the gas mask to cover the whole face and to protect again Coronavirus Image credit:  SeanSuchanya #4 Some way funny but work better to stop coronavirus infection Image credit:  Justsaytruthnow #5 People using whatever available to stop the spread of Coronavirus Image credit:  Truthfully83 #6 Can't work to stop Coronavirus but man

Salute To The Team Fighting Against Corona II

Indian Air Force has conducted shower of petals from helicopters on hospital involved in Covid 19 treatment across the hospital. Indian Air Force has expressed gratitude to Corona warrior in their own ways. The whole world appreciating the corona fighters for their important role to protect the world from Corona pandemic. People show gratitude to the Doctors, Police, Nurses, Health and Social workers who sacrificed all to serve Country. Social Media flooded with the post dedicated to these Corona Warriors. Let's check few of salute dedicated to Corona fighters. #01 Dedicated to doctor fighting in the hospital. Picture present the Doctors having wings and wore boxing gloves. #02 Image dedicated to health worker standing with attitude in front of Corona fictitious image. #03 Superheroes also saluting the Corona warriors. Great tribute. #04 Tribute to the Doctors fighting against Covid 19. Really appreciable. #05 Image dedicated to Doctors fighting with C

Places to visit near Surat

There are many tourist attraction Nearby Surat city including Hill station, seashore, temple, waterfalls, forest and much more. Here compiled the list of places to visit near Surat for relaxing and escape from hustle and bustle of City Life. Saputara Saputara is the famous Hill station of Gujarat situated in Dang forest rang around 160 KMs from Surat. Saputara is famous for its pleasant climate, scenic lake, panoramic nature view, dense forest road and relaxing place. It is somewhere well planned Hill station where good hotel, other amenities and services available. It is developed as vacation spot or we can say picnic spot for public. It is a place to enjoy bliss of natural beauty and exotic greenery. People are visiting Saputara throughout round the year, however, must visit during Monsoon. There are many  points and view in Saputara such as sunset point, sunrise point, spot activities, boating, ropway, horse riding, tracking, paragliding, zip line. Saputara great

Best Road Trip in India

Road Trip is all about exploring the new ways and world. There are many hidden gem routes in India where one can explore oneself and feel something different. The journey is more serene when Road routed through Carving shape, both way greenery, mountain view, riverside road, waterfalls, seashore, temples, valley, landscape etc. There are many routes in India which are paradise for Riders. Fantastic way makes the journey more beautiful. Motor Ride is one of the best options for the journey to explore culture and places. There is a famous saying "Happiness is more in the journey not in destination". One is Riding between mountain and beautiful nature, what a feeling!  Here is some of the amazing road trip one can explore. Bangaluru to Ooty: Bangaluru to Ooty via Mysore & Bandipur has a distance of about 280 KMs. Bangaluru to Ooty is one of the best routes for Road trip passing through Mysore and Bandipur wildlife century. On can have thrill ride on the scenic road &

Best Things To Do At Home During Lockdown

One can make the days under lockdown valuable by seating at home and doing the indoor activities. One can also develop new hobbies while at home, it will help once for personal development and also may increase productivity. There are so many things we can do at home while in Lockdown. Few ideas of the best thing to do are as below; #1 Reading One can develop hobbies of reading while in lockdown which will obviously become an exercise for the brain. Regular readers can further sharpen their skill to read good books which further improve the concentration.  #2 Spend time with love once Lockdown is the really golden opportunity to spent time with family and love once at home. one can play the indoor game, a virtual game with family but take care of social distancing. One can also enjoy the recollection of past memories. #3 Fitness One can also perform the home exercise to maintain physics. One can also practice meditation at home. #4 One can also able to learn ne

How To Stop Overthinking Everything

Today each of us has an issue of overthinking on any subject. It is also true said that Over Analysis creates Paralysis. Due to overthinking, thoughts run over the head which stuck and unable us to move forward. All have one question in mind how to stop overthinking and relax the mind in the thought process. Scientifically it is a fact that overthinking kill IQ level gradually. Most of us are going from this problem. At every moment and while taking any action there are a lot of thoughts going through in our mind since we always thinking for us or something or anything.  Overthinking tendency can happen in a routine as well as significant matters and it somewhere adversely affect happiness. it is difficult to stay in peace for 10-15 minutes. Immediately mind start thinking something and over that other thoughts are also started to come. The expert estimate that around 60000 to 80000 thoughts came in mind over a day. Out of which 95% of thoughts are useless thoughts. Thinking thin

MSME Sector : The Rising Star for Strong and Stable Economy

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise [MSME] sector has a substantial contribution towards the development of a strong and stable economy. Government is taking initiative for facilitating the MSME sector. As per classification given by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise w.e.f. 1st July 2020, if the investment in plant & machinery is not more then 1 crore and annual turnover is not more then 5 crores then the entity fall under Micro segment. Investment in Plant & Machinery or equipment is not more than 10 crores and turnover is not more than 50 crores then the entity falls under small enterprise. in same was an investment in Plant & Machineries & equipment is not more than 50 crores and turnover is not more than 250 crores the entity fall under the Medium enterprise.  MSME contribute around 9% in GDP and 40% in the export activity of the country.  These industries are the backbone for the economy and thus Government offers subsidy, incentives and rebates to

Haunted places in Surat

Surat is a synthetic textile city of India. It is also known as Diamond capital of India. Surat is among the fastest growing city in the world. But would you know the City also has spookiest places as other Cities where people avoid to visit during the dark. Everyone likes to listen to stories of thrilling and haunting. There are two places of Surat considered as a most haunted place of the city. Dumas Beach Dumas beach is among the top haunted places of India. Dumas beach is crowded during daylight. People wherever visit the City often went to Dumas beach for a picnic. It is said that it became home for paranormal activities during the night. The beach attracts visitors every day, especially during morning and evening time. People heard a mysterious sound like someone laughing and crying with blowing whisper. The local said that dogs are also miss behaved when something spookiest.  It is also said that earlier, the place was used to burn dead bodies and same is associ