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Reason Why Ratan Tata not in World's Richest Person List Even Richest than Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the names among the top richest person of the planet. Their Individual net worth is more than $80 Billion. But you will surprise to know that one of the Group pioneer making more money than the top richest person which none other than the former chairman of TATA Group, Mr. Ratan Tata. Business vertical of TATA Group includes Steel, Automotive, Information Technology, Consumer & Retailer, Infrastructure and financial services, Aerospace & Defense, Telecom, Media, Tourism and Investment etc. Tanisq, Taj Vivanta, Voltas, Jaguar, Tata Nexon, Tata Cliq, Taj Hotels, Croma, Range Rover, Vistara, Air Asia, Tata Tea, Titan, fast-track etc. are some of the brands of the TATA Group.

Tata Group is having more than 90 entities out of which around 29 business companies are public listed on BSE & NSE. Have you ever wonder even Ratan Tata has a huge business network and earning despite, his name was not in the list of Top Billionaires. The reaso…

New Features of IRCTC Online Tickets Reservation

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has updated its official website for Railway Ticket Reservation few Time back. Many features have been updated and added for more smoothly and handy reservation of e-ticket through second generation website. Few of the features are as below:-
The user is now able to check the availability and waiting of Train Tickets without login into IRCTC account. The page can show all train list and availability as per the detail submitted for checking. In case you desire to book e-ticket, you obviously need to login into your IRCTC Account.
Now in case of Waiting Tickets or RAC, the user can also check the probability percentage for confirmation of the e-ticket. For which one has to login into the account. The prediction allows the user to opt the tickets or go for other options available. The user can check the probability by clicking on CNF Probability button below the Booking button.
The probability is decided by historical data availabl…


Kumbh Mela 2019 is held in Prayagraj (Formerly known as Allahabad) started on 14th Jan, 2019 and continue till around 48 days. Kumbh held at Triveni Sangam of River Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. It is the largest public gathering and collective act of faith in the world. Kumbh Mela is celebrated four times over a course of 12 years rotating in the holy places i.e. Haridwar, Nashik, Prayagraj and Ujjain. The pilgrims gather at the Kumbh to bath in the holy river. Saints, Naga Sadhus and Kalpvasis also gather to bath in the holy river. There are many ceremonies take place during the Kumbh Mela.

The myth of Kumbh connected to how Devas (God) and Danav (Demons) fought for Kumbh (Amrit Kalash) also called Ratna of Samudra Manthan. Lord Vishnu (as Mohini) grapes it from Danav and sent it to heavenward. During the course, few drops are fallen on Holy site which we knew as Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik and Prayagraj. During the Kumbh, Holy river is believed to turn into the Amrit and blessed purit…

Interesting about Hill Station Mount Abu

Mount Abu is one of the famous Hill Station of Rajasthan, stand near the Gujarat Rajasthan border. Mount Abu is situated in the Sirohi district and at the highest peak of Aravalli range around 1722 meters above the sea level. Mount Abu is one and only hill station of Rajasthan also known as the summer capital of Rajasthan. Abu is blessed with serene lake, green mountain, picturesque forest etc. The serpent "Arbuda" save the life of Nandi- Lord Shiva's bull which incident occurred on the  Mount Abu. This region is referred to as Arbudaranya in Puran which later converted and gradually became Abu. There are many interesting tourist spots in Abu. Nakki Lake Nakki Lake is one of the best attraction of Mount Abu. Lake is surrounded by Hills which increase the beauty of Lake. There are many hotels and resorts surrounding the Lake. Boating option is also there to enjoy the climate and scenery of the hill station.

The legend said that the Lake is created by Devtas with using th…

Ultra Luxury Trains in India

Indian Railway Network is world's 4th largest Network. If you want to trip India then Train is the best mode for transportation to visit the religious place, villages, coastal town etc. Now Indian Train is not just a typical type of mode for transport but it offers a Luxurious trip experience wherein definitely one can't want to reach the destination. Indian Railways operate few luxurious trains to cater to Indian and foreign tourist. Royal Train will give a lifetime memorable experience of Journey with Royalty Treat and Services. Palace on Wheel India's oldest luxurious train "Palace on Wheel" was early started in 1982. The Train was remodified with adding more luxurious facilities and relaunched in 2009. The Train was launched by Indian Railways collaboration with Rajasthan Tourism. The Train has a special deluxe cabin with personal Butler, 24X7 Services, 2 Restaurant, Bar & Spa.

Destination covered by Royal Train are Agra, Bharatpur, Chittorgarh, Delhi, J…

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Best Road Trip in India

Road Trip is all about exploring the new ways and world. There are many hidden gem routes in India where one can explore oneself and feel something different. The journey is more serene when Road routed through Carving shape, both way greenery, mountain view, riverside road, waterfalls, seashore, temples, valley, landscape etc. There are many routes in India which are paradise for Riders. Fantastic way makes the journey more beautiful. Motor Ride is one of the best options for the journey to explore culture and places. There is a famous saying "Happiness is more in the journey not in destination". One is Riding between mountain and beautiful nature, what a feeling!  Here is some of the amazing road trip one can explore.

Bangaluru to Ooty:
Bangaluru to Ooty via Mysore & Bandipur has a distance of about 280 KMs. Bangaluru to Ooty is one of the best routes for Road trip passing through Mysore and Bandipur wildlife century. On can have thrill ride on the scenic road & ev…

People came with Solution to Protect from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading day by day globally. WHO also declare the Corona a pandemic and global emergency. there are lacs of people around the world infected with the Corona and thousands of people were died due to illness. E|veryone is lockdown at home to avoid the infection of the virus. Many people became creative and discovered the way to protect themselves from Corona.
#1 Lady in Thailand wore scrub as a facemask to protect against Coronavirus Image credit: thaimythbuster
#2 The Man made a mask from various type of Plastic and elastic. really great idea.
Image credit: Gary_BBGames
#3 Lady wears the gas mask to cover the whole face and to protect again Coronavirus Image credit: SeanSuchanya
#4 Some way funny but work better to stop coronavirus infection Image credit: Justsaytruthnow
#5 People using whatever available to stop the spread of Coronavirus Image credit: Truthfully83
#6 Can't work to stop Coronavirus but man became creative and wore antivirus  Image credit:science_e…

Places to visit near Surat

There are many tourist attraction Nearby Surat city including Hill station, seashore, temple, waterfalls, forest and much more. Here compiled the list of places to visit near Surat for relaxing and escape from hustle and bustle of City Life.

Saputara is the famous Hill station of Gujarat situated in Dang forest rang around 160 KMs from Surat. Saputara is famous for its pleasant climate, scenic lake, panoramic nature view, dense forest road and
relaxing place. It is somewhere well planned Hill station where good hotel, other amenities and services available. It is developed as vacation spot or we can say picnic spot for public. It is a place to enjoy bliss of natural
beauty and exotic greenery. People are visiting Saputara throughout round the year, however, must visit during Monsoon. There are many  points and
view in Saputara such as sunset point, sunrise point, spot activities, boating, ropway, horse riding, tracking, paragliding, zip line. Saputara great leaf tea, poha and…

Top Hill Station in North India

India is blessed with beautiful natures and attraction such as Mountain range, Lake, Hills, River, dense jungle etc. when it is discussion regarding hill station, first come in mind is north India. North India has speculator natural beauty especially in Jammu Kashmir, Himachal and Uttrakhand. there are several hill station in North India visited by a large number of tourist every year, especially during summer and Diwali vacation. Here shortlisted top hill station of North India considering the popularity, attraction, accommodation and other factors. Gulmarg Gulmarg is a famous hill station situated at western Himalaya rage in the district of Jammu & Kashmir. Gulmarg is also popular for skiing as Gulmarg is the highest skiing location of India. Gulmarg is blessed with many popular attraction such as Gulmarg Gondola, Maharani Temple, Church, Golf Course, Mountain Peak, lake etc. Gulmarg Gondola (Cable Car) which is one of the highest Gondola in the world.

It is also having a 16 ho…

Ways To Reduce Airfare Cost

There are certain cheapest ways to book the flight at a low cost. Airfare price is increasing day by day. we experienced the hectic job while finding the Cheapest Air Ticket. We do an endless search and finally feel frustrate. here are some key ways to reduce the airfare and may help you to save your time and most important your money too.  Keep Your Seach in Private Mode Flight Price increased after you search repeatedly on the same route. Site use cookies of your browser to increase the airfare one the basis of your continues search on the same route. they also alert about the increasing price shortly so that you scare and book a flight quickly. to avoid these it is recommended to search the flight in incognito or private browsing mode for finding low airfare ticket.  Every popular browser has a private mode. by clicking on it, the new window will open where information will not be tracked. Close previous incognito mode and open new one while every new search so that previous searc…

Unknown Fact about Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva also called as "Mahadeva" is among the Trimurti. The other among the Trimurti are The Preserver, Lord Vishnu and The Creator, Lord Brahma. Mahashivratri means "The Great Night of Lord Shiva" is celebrated in the month of Phalgun accordingly to Indian Hindi Calendar.
Many mythological and legendary tales are associated with Lord Shiva. There are many debates regarding why Mahashivratri is celebrated and legendary associate behind it. The legendary says that Mahashivratri is a day when Lord Shiva drank Poison Pot, emerged while Samundra Manthan and saved Earth. The name "Neelkanth" of Mahadeva is also derived from this event. Another Myth said that Day of Mahashivratri is the day when Mahadeva weds the Parvati Mata. He is the creator of the world and destroyer as well. Angry Tandava, Dance of Mahadeva considered as the epic and nature destroyer.

It is also believe that Lord Shiva lives on Kailash Mountain. Lord Shiva is known with around 108 nam…

Mouthwatering street food of Surat

Surat is known as Textile city, Diamond city & city of Bridges. Surat offers mouth watering and lip smacking street food. There is a famous Gujarati saying"Surat nu jaman ne Kashi nu maran" means "eat in Surat and die in Kashi". Surties are lovers of food and Surat is a heaven of food. Surat bring many toothsome street food. Many famous Gujarati food are born in Surat. Here are list of delicious street food which one can must try in Surat. LOCHO

It is a popular farshan dish serve as snack and breakfast. An interesting story is having behind invention of popular dish LOCHO. Once the chef added more water to Khaman batter which led to another yellowish dish. The soft texture in turns surprisingly tasty and lip smacking which led to invent LOCHO. It is served in plate with sev, oinion, special spice and green mouthwatering chutney. There are varieties of flavours served in Locha such as cheese, mayo, schezwan, Italian, white locho etc. Every weekend there is a lon…

Wonders of India Everybody Wants to Visit

India is the rich country in view of culture and history. India has a numerous wonder places of Nature and historical monuments. India is the country which has world's oldest religion. The Country has many marvelous piece of architecture and nature phenomena. It is difficult to compile top wonder of India. Checkout the list of Top wonders of India. Kailasha Temple of Ellora Ellora has 34 caves, out of which cave no 16 has Lord Shiva Temple. Ellora cave is situated near Verul, Maharashtra. The Temple is 195 feet long, 90 feet high & 145 feet wide. Interesting about the Kailasha Temple is that it is carved from single rock only. Moreover carving work of Temple started from Top to Bottom.

It is the only structure of the world that is carved from Top to Bottom and from single rock only. The temple carved with ancient traditional method. The Temple is built in 18 years. It is also said that the Mughal King tried to destroy the Temple and worked for 3 years but finally they can'…

Little Guide You Need to Know About Heaven Place Bhimashankar Near Pune

Bhimashankar is an ancient temple situated in the Sahyadri hill peak near Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Bhimashankar is one of the Jyotirlinga among the twelve Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. It is located 125 Km from Pune, 207 Km away from Nashik and 211 Km away from Mumbai. The Nearest Airport from the Bhimashankar is Pune Airport, around 120 Km far away.  The nearest Rawilay station is also Pune railway station. Road to the hilltop temple is the hilly and zing zag road. Pune Nashik highway is the best route to rich the Bhimashankar Temple.  Lord Shiva temple is situated at an altitude of around 3800 feet above the Sea level. The Temple is the part of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary of the western ghat   It is the famous weekend gateways for visitors from Pune and Mumbai.  This sanctuary has a dense forest and has varieties of birds, animals, insects and plant can be seen. Bhimashankar Sanctuary is also a home for rare Indian Giant Flying Squirrel locally called "Shekaru".…

Amazing Awareness and Ideas on Protection Against Coronavirus

Most of the Country in the Global have been affected with Corona. Government taking all type of action to control the spread of Coronavirus. Most of the Country has been lockdown. Many people have been coming up with the awareness of how to control the spreading of Coronavirus. Let's check a few of them.
#1 Amazing Idea on social distancing at one of the ration shop in Kerala.
Image credit: imakshaypillai

#2 Baby performing Yoga at Home during Lockdown. Really inspirational.
#3 Line Mark in the Bank to maintain Social distancing on account of Coronavirus.
Image credit: JamaicaGleaner

#4 Chennai Police created the Corona Helmet to promote awareness on Stay Home.

Image credit: kinggowtham

#5 How People going outside and increasing the risk of Corona infection.
Image credit: AnkitaBharadwaj

#6 Promoting Namaskar gesture as practice and ban hug and shake hand practice.