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Must Visit Tourist Attractions of Gujarat

Vibrant and rich in culture, The Gujarat has lot of tourist attraction to visit. The Gujarat has temples, wildlife, art & craft market, ports,sculpture, beaches and many more to offer. Gujarat Tourism is continue working on facilities to explore the beauty of Gujarat. There are lot of places to visit in Gujarat but out of that we have tried to shortlist the top places.

Lord Shiva's Jyotirling - Somnath

Places to visit in Gujarat

The holy Somnath is situated in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. Somnath Lord Shiva Temple is among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. This Temple is visited by the devotee from all over India. This temple has swayambhu shivling. Somnath is earlier also famous as Prabhas Patan. It is collapsed six time and each time it was again built. One can also visit beach, museum, bhalka tirth and other attraction near the Temple. Somnath is also believed to be a place where Lord Krishna end their Lila and went heavenly.

White Dessert - Kutch

Gujarat Tourist Places
It is situated in Kutch district around 86 Kms far away from Bhuj city. The desert has salt layer on sand due to which it reflected as white. The white desert is usually visible after monsoon season. it is famous as sunset and sunrise point. thousands of tourist visit the site early morning and in evening to catch the glimpse of sunrise as well as sunset.Tourist prefer to spent full moon night here in white desert to enjoy night view of the nature at its best. Every year Gujarat Government organised the Rann Festival during the month of November to February. Many cultural and entertainment activities is also organised in the Rann Utsav. It is also considered as the biggest salt desert of the world.

Explore the Dang Forest- Saputara Hill Station

Hill Station in Gujarat
Saputara is the scenic Hill station of south Gujarat situated in Dang, 160 KMs far away from Surat. Saputara is famous for its pleasant climate, scenic lake, panoramic nature view, dense forest road and
relaxing place. It is somewhere well planned Hill station where good hotel, other amenities and services available. It is developed as vacation spot or we can say picnic spot for public. It is a place to enjoy bliss of natural beauty and exotic greenery. People are visiting Saputara throughout round the year, however, must visit during Monsoon. There are many  points and view in Saputara such as sunset point, sunrise point, spot activities, boating, ropway, horse riding, tracking, paragliding, zip line etc. Saputara great leaf tea, poha and Maggie are favorite food among visitors. One of the attractions near Saputara is Gira waterfall on Vaghai Road. There are plenty of places to Visit in dang district. On the way to Saputara, there are many destinations i.e. Janki Van, Gujarat Ecotourism site, padamdungri, botanical garden for nature lover and for refreshment trip.

Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka

places to visit in Gujarat in Diwali
Dwarka was the Kingdom of the Lord Krishna and stayed their during the Krishna avtaar. Dwarka is among the Chardham destination and also a seven most ancient saptapuri religious of India. This place dosen't need to introduce well since yearly million of devotee visit the temple all over the India. Tourist attractions in Dwarka is Main Temple and Bet Dwarka.

Sabarmati Ashram-Ahmedabad

Gujarat Tourist Places Photo
Sabarmati Ashram also known as Satyagarh Ashram where Gandhiji has started many freedom movements the Ashram has a museum and many articles and letter preserved here.

Sun Temple - Modhera

Mandir Information in Gujarat
This Temple is dedicated to Lord Sun built in 11th Century in the Modhera village of North Gujarat. This is a magnificent piece of ancient architecture work. Architecture work of the temple is similar to the work of Konark Sun Temple.

Statue of Unity - Kevadia 

How to reach statue of Unity
Statue of Unity is situated near Sardar Sarovar Dam dedicated to Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Till date, it is the world's tallest statue having height of around 182 meters. it is around 160 KMs far away from Surat. The statue has view gallery at the height of 152 meters to view surrounding area of the dam. Iron Man, Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate's Museum and the valley of Flower are other attraction nearby developed. Gujarat Tourism is developing more tourist attractions near the Statue to attract more tourist. more above statue checkout following link.

Akshardham Temple - Gandhinagar

BAPS Akshardham Mandir in Gandhinagar Gujarat
Akshardham Temple is built in 1992 dedicated to Swaminarayan located in the capital city of Gujarat. Temple is spread in 23 acres and built with pink sandstone without using cement or steel. 

Gir National Park - Junagadh

Gir National Park information Gujarat
Asiatic Lion are found in Gir National Park of Junagadh. it is the only place where this lion are found. Visitor can also see other species such as deer, chinkara, sambar, jackal, leopard etc. The Area of the Gir National Park is 1400 sq. kms. 

Rani ki Vav - Patan

Rani Ki Vav Detail
Rani ki Vav was constructed in 11th Century by Queen of Bhimdev. Rani ki Vav is a step well built to preserve ground water. Rani ki Vav a masterpiece of architectural work on stepwell is designed as Temple with 1500 sculptures.

Ambaji Mata Temple - Ambaji

Ambaji Mata Mandir in Gujarat
The Ambaji Temple is located in the Gujarat near to the Rajasthan border. It is a one of the shaktipith and religious site of Gujarat. The temple is constructed using white famous due to its mythology associate with temple site. 

Palitana Temple

Jain Temple in Palitana, Gujarat
Palitana Jain Temple is situated near the Bhavnagar having 3000 temples carved on marble. it is considered as largest temple site in the world.

These are the top places to visit in Gujarat but the state has many more to offer. it attracts the million of tourist throughout the year. while visiting the Gujarat you may add these place to make your town itinerary complete. please like and share i will appreciate it. 


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